Our Story

My Grandfather purchased this land in 1945 and those morals and values are still very much a part of who we are. We have Hometown written in our hearts from the wax we melt for candles down to the labels we hand place on every item we sell. We started Whispering Bees with a single bee hive and it has now grown to the point that we can now offer others the opportunity to enjoy it as well. We pride ourselves on “homemade” and “all natural” and we try to leave everything in it’s purist form. We are proud to say that our products are Made In The USA! Our honey is raw, unfiltered and in some instances with the Ross Rounds, it goes from the bees to you. I just put a label on it…And it’s not just our Honey; everything we make is from the most natural and purest sources we can find. Our soaps contain Goat Milk which we purchase from our Amish neighbors. Our products were first made for our family to use. The bottom line is, if we won’t eat it or use it on ourselves, then we aren’t going to sell it to someone else. We pride ourselves on the purity, the wholesomeness, the fragrance, and the usefulness of our products. If you find any of our products to be faulty or substandard, we want to know about it; and we’ll make it right!

As we grow, we hope to continually add more Products to our inventory. We currently have honey (with and without comb), lip balm, soap, candles, and a few other items that we will add to the store as time permits. You can find what we have available in our “Products”. Also, if you are looking for something in particular, drop us a line. It could be that we make it already and could sell you the items in limited quantities, but we don’t have enough quantities to add it to the store. So just ask and I’ll be sure to get back to you concerning it.

Our Soaps and Candles are no exception to the rule. We make the Soaps and Candles from all natural ingredients, and from the purest sources we can find. We hope you enjoy them.

Here at Whispering Bees we try to allow the bees to do things as naturally as possible. I can only imagine that if you had an apiary full of bees, you would do the same thing. I try to listen to what they tell me, and most of the time they say, “We just need a place to bee.” I hope you enjoy our honey and other products as much as we enjoy sharing them with you. Take care and be safe out there…

Help us grow!

Bees are very amazing creatures!

As time permits, we photograph the bees doing what they do and are trying to come up with a way to market the literally thousands of photographs and videos that we have. Look for that in the future. We hope to sell pictures, paintings, hats and coffee and tea mugs to name a few… Contact us if you are interested in something along those lines. We would love to hear your ideas as well, and maybe we can make it happen…


Some feedback from our clients

This is AMAZING!!! I use it to cook with, on ribs and steak, it really brings out the flavors and adds a sweet flavor to the meat!

David W.

I really like your honey. It’s nothing like the stuff you buy in the stores.

Rhonda C.

My wife says this is the best honey she has ever had and wants some more.

Ken K.