We are going to give away a minimum of $25.00 worth of our products.

and one of our State Quarter coin rings. Here is a picture of some of the coin rings:

All you have to do to enter is be the first person to correctly guess the number of eggs in the basket above. That’s right! Just put your guess in the comments below and you are automatically entered to win. We will be running this giveaway until midnight April 7th. Monday April 8th we will announce the winner! As a bonus, if you pick up your prize (rather than us mailing it to you) you will also receive the eggs! Well, not these eggs, but some fresh eggs just like them!

We also have some parameters on the ring: it must be a quarter from 1965 to present, and it cannot be any larger than size 12. If I do not have the quarter you want, you may have to settle for a different quarter, sorry. I will try.

If no one guesses the correct answer, the person closest to the number will win. In the case of a tie, the first person to make that guess will win, & if two people are closest (one above the number and one below the number) the person who is closest without going over the number will be the winner. So get your entries in. Only one entry per person, so if you guess a number once, that is the one we will go with, and any entries after that will be deleted, sorry, but we have to have some rules to keep it simple on our end.

Good Luck!


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