2024 Five Frame Nuc


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I live and raise my bees in Northwestern Ohio. All of my bees come from survivor stock that has become acclimated to this region, so if you are looking for genetics that fair well this far north, then you have come to the right spot.

This is to pre-order a 5-frame nucleus colony that you will pick up in the Spring. Time for pick-up will vary depending on the weather, but is expected to be in Late April to Early May.

You can pick the Original bred of your queen and though she will be a half-sister of the Original breed, still, this is the lineage that she comes from. Also, she will open breed with multiple Drones, she will most likely be breeding from my stock which are the breeds listed here. I live in a rural area with no other beekeepers for about 4 miles from my home. My apiary mainly has the following breeds: Saskatraz, BeeWeaver Bees, Caucasians, and Carniolan genetics. I can choose queens from certain genetics, so if you get your orders in by March, I can get your queens from those genetics. I won’t know what Drones they will mate with, but the queen will come from that line. They will also be from survivor stock.

These Nucs are for pick up only. I can meet you somewhere but I won’t travel too far.

These are five (5) frame Nucs. Depending on supply and demand, some Nucs may be Jester Easy Nucs and some may be wooden Nucs. There will be a full working Nucleus Colony within the hive. There will be a mated queen and five (5) frames of bees; three (3) frames will be of young bees either eggs, open brood (larvae) or capped brood (pupae), and two (2) frames of honey/pollen mix for food stores for the bees.

Deposit is for half down and you will owe the other half when you come to pick them up.

Deposits are nonrefundable


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Deposit, Full Price

Queen Type

Caucasians, Saskatraz


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