A Day in the Bee Yard

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How to inspect and maintain a bee hive.

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There are many reasons why you might want to spend a day in the bee yard. Perhaps you are fascinated by the world of the Honey Bee and want to learn more. Or if you want to expand your knowledge about beekeeping, nothing takes the place of first-hand experience. There are those who might have a hive or more and want to take it to the next step to ten or twenty hives.
I do not want this to be a “one-size-fits-all” kind of thing. Each person needs individual answers and that is what this is. If you have never raised bees before, this is a great way to see how things are done. If you have raised bees, but are missing some of the answers, this can fill in the gaps so you can succeed in raising bees. Like I said, this is for your learning experience, and unless you are already a commercial beekeeper, you will walk away with new knowledge.
What you will get:
You will spend a few hours in the Bee Yard with me (one-on-one) and we will go through a few hives so that you can see things done first hand. I will answer all of your questions as we go. First I will go through one and explain what and why, then you will go through some to become familiar. I may ask questions and you will either know the answer or I will teach you the answers. It is the hands-on approach that makes you feel confident. And along with the understanding of what is going on in the hive, you will have the knowledge to raise your own bees successfully. Now, I know that after you leave, you may think of something that you might have forgotten. If you take any of my courses, you may call me and ask for more information. My goal is to cover everything so that you do not have to call me, but if you need to, I will be here for you. Obviously, I am not going to be the “Shell Answer Man”, but you may call me for some additional information if need be.

$150.00 will be for the deposit of the course, this deposit is non-refundable. If you have paid in full prior to taking the course, the remainder will be refunded. I hope that’s understandable.

Also, you will be responsible for providing your own protective gear/bee suit (i.e. jacket, suit, veil, gloves, etc.), whatever you wish to wear in the bee yard, and we will provide everything else.

I am also going to have a course on how to make your own Queens, if you are interested in that.

We are looking forward to seeing you grow as a beekeeper!


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2 reviews for A Day in the Bee Yard

  1. Bob Magley (verified owner)

    I spent about 4 hours with Mark. We had to schedule around inclement weather and both or our availability. Mark was very flexible and we were able to work in a visit. I had never raised bees so I didn’t know a thing. Mark gave me a lot of hands on training while working with various bees in various hives. For someone that didn’t know anything about raising bees I thought this money and time was well spent.

  2. Dave Price

    I spent the day in the yard with Mark and it was very informative and helpful for a beginner beekeeper. Mark is knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. It was a great day learning what I needed to know about beekeeping. I highly recommend this for any beginning beekeeper!

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