Queen Rearing Course


How to Make Your Own Queens!

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This is a course on how to make your own queens. It isn’t a watch me do it kind of thing; YOU will be making the Queens, and YOU will learn how to make them in my apiary.

Also, you will be responsible for providing your own protective gear/bee suit (i.e. jacket, suit, veil, gloves, etc.), whatever you wish to wear in the bee yard, and we will provide everything else.

What you will learn:

You will learn how to estimate a Queen Calendar
You will learn how to set up a cell starter and finisher
You will learn how to graft Queens
You will learn how to finish cells in an incubator
You will learn how to do Walk-A-Way Splits
You will learn how to make swarm cells
You will learn how to make emergency cells
You will learn what to do with all of them

Obviously this will take more than one visit so you will be committed to a two week schedule.
This schedule is as follows:

First day will include most of the information needed to do all phases of Queen Rearing and grafting.
Five days later, We will transfer Queen Cells that were grafted into an incubator, and inspect the other methods.
Five days later, We will transfer Queen Cells that were grafted into Nucs.
Two to Three days later (if you wish to see Queens hatch from Queen Cells) you will need to be here for that.

So, if your first day was on the 4th of the month, you would have to be here on the 4th, 9th or 10th, the 14th, and the 16th or 17th. Some days are flexible and others are not. You will learn all that and why.

At the end of your course, you will be able to take one of your grafted Queens home with you. This can be a Queen cell or a Hatched Queen, your choice. It should be obvious from the cost of your course that I cannot allow you to take all of them home. You will be making ten to twenty Queens. I would charge $500-$1000 for that alone, but you will be taking home the knowledge on how to make as many as you want (provided that you have the resources to do so).

$250.00 will be for the deposit of the course, and since I will also be setting aside two weeks and refusing others for that time slot, this deposit is non-refundable. If you have paid in full prior to taking the course, the remainder will be refunded. I hope that’s understandable.

We are looking forward to seeing you grow as a beekeeper!

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